Well, I’m not sure he mentioned Win 10 I think he said Win 7 , but in any event I just tried one on my Win 10 bit box and no joy – Windows can’t find any drivers for it, and I haven’t been able to find any by Googling around, and it isn’t recognized at all and doesn’t work at all on my rig. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. So it’s a mixed back with the new Logitech Force 3D. I started out trying the Force 3D in Starlancer, Bang! Posted 08 May – Yep I also did read this on different sites, but it appears Smoking is running on 64bit. The question is, does it pull it off?

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I’ve forgotten my password. The WingMan Force may feel cumbersome on a desk, but there was no doubt of the quality and engineering that lay beneath the plastic.

Posted 08 May – Posted 05 April – Like to know if a RoF player here, is using this Joystick in win8. That is what I wrote down: The Force 3D, on the other hand, feels incredibly light, with the joystick itself feeling almost delicate.

Logitech Wingman Force 3d Joystick – | eBay

You’ll definitely enjoy the smaller size of the joystick, and the buttons sans the main trigger feel great — but if you’re looking for a definitive force feedback experience, you’re not going to get it here.


With bit addressing, our tricks were completely broken.

Anyone who actually enjoys their desk space, however, had a much different take on the gimongous joystick. Many people prefer them, although in my case I just own them for backup purposes I found them for sale real cheap.

I know this is an old post but I own that same joystick. The force reacted instantly from the first time I started all of the games. Well, I can’t absolutely say there’s no way to get it working – all I can say is that Foorce can’t get it to work on Win bit and can’t wijgman anybody out there in Google searches that says they got it working either.

Posted 10 April – About game User Agreement Privacy Policy.

Logitech WingMan Force 3D Review – IGN

You currently have javascript disabled. I never had an issue with the FFB working on any of my sticks. Posted 21 October – Posted 06 November – Posted 30 July – Back to top 19 Dutch2 Dutch2 Posts: Windows does show it as a Wingman Force in the “unspecified device” category in the Control Panel “Devices and Printers” applet, but gives roll-over status messages of “Driver unavailable” and “driver error”. Well, not sure what you mean. Yeah, those that Dutch pointed out.


I just tried plugging it in on my Win 7 computer and it doesn’t work. Posted 23 October – Posted 08 April – The main trigger’s a bit on the soft side, and joystick itself tends to sway and flop around much more than your standard force feedback controller.

To unify the codebase, all support was taken out for both 5. So it’s a mixed back with the new Logitech Force 3D.

anybody using the old Logitech wingman force in 64bit OS

While the joystick did a good job of bobbing, jerking and pulling along with the games I played, there was a definite difference between the strength of the force feedback in relation to the SideWinder and the WingMan Force. I don’t know but I do have a Wingamn Force3d stick completely different, same producer and to late learned that it does not work with Win 7 64bit.

Posted 23 April – Posted 07 May –