The Goldtouch keyboard uses membrane, or rubber dome keyswitches, putting it in a separate class from the more expensive mechanical keyboards such as the Kinesis Advantage. Hi, I’m Kealoha, an American engi-nerd. New 3D Interactive Virtual Product. Improved stability when tented. As keyboards go, the Goldtouch has an interesting story. A sturdy lever locks the chosen configuration into place. The Goldtouch keyboard can be set in an infinite number of positions using a locking-lever ball joint.

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This can benefit those users who do not have to rely on tactility to reduce the amount of force they exert when typing. In addition to obvious physical differences of body size and shape, people keybaord varying preferences and perceptions.

The answer is the GTN, a soon-to-be-released version of the new V2 keyboard. Rather than trying to do the whole adjustment process at once, Goldtouch recommends that you start out by using the keyboard in the straight position for a while, to get the feel of the keys and layout.

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard by Key Ovation : ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page

Making no effort to imitate the clicky feel of mechanical switches, they instead play to the advantages of membranes, with a gentle feel that makes pressing each key seem less like work. After the M15 was discontinued inGoldtouch brought its own version to market — with a much-improved pivot locking mechanism, thankfully. The result is that users tend to exert more actual effort to generate keystrokes. The space bars on the V2 are narrower and are no longer curved as they were on the earlier model.


If you turn on Num Lock while using a Goldtouch keyboard, you will activate not only the external keypad, but also the embedded numeric keypad, which will make normal typing impossible. Up to now, Goldtouch has offered two versions of their keyboard, one for PC users and one keuboard Mac.

Goldtouch Keyboard Review

I started to get carpal tunnel syndrome early in my career and a total switch to ergo products has completely eliminated any pain or discomfort despite decades of crazy hours behind screens.

Even a minor pinch from that much force can keyboarx.

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard splayed. Its original version was developed in by a manufacturing trio that included Lexmark and IBM. The Goldtouch keyboard has, in some form, been a standby of ergonomic arsenals for almost twenty years. The Goldtouch V2 shows its trendiness by including goldtiuch the standard media control keys, plus the less-useful Email, Calculator, etc. Some people will want to use the buddy system — one to hold the keyboard in position and one to work the handle.

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard

Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard. The Goldtouch implementation, however, leaves something to be desired.

The Goldtouch V2 is You do need to watch your fingers when snapping back the handle. The result can be fatigue, inflammation and long-term injury.

Extended on a flat surface, these feet will raise the front of the keyboard somewhat less than an inch, producing a moderate negative tilt. Plus, the GTN will have additional feet on the bottom for elevating the entire keyboard to level with certain palm rests. The Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards in Golstouch Goldtouch keyboard can be set in an infinite number of positions using a locking-lever ball joint.


The Goldtouch V2 includes rubberized edges that were not present on the earlier model. For pricing, availability or to order this product, visit our online store. Negative tilt is great, but a couple things about the Goldtouch implementation puzzle me. Learn More About Pronation Reduces Risk of Wrist Injury – Typing on a conventional keyboard requires experienced typists to bend the wrists outward towards the little finger in order to keep the fingers in the correct position on the home row.

The degree of both tent and splay can easily be configured or reconfigured by different users at the same workstation.

When not tented, the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard has a slight positive incline. This review was made using a complimentary sample from Goldtouch, which I gave to another person after finishing the review. You can address this problem with a couple of rubber bands laid flat, but really? Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard tented and splayed.