Help us by reporting it. Just checked it and despite pulseaudio showing something on the meter while attempting to test speakers which again only show as stereo there was no audio output in the other settings. Integrating a high resolution digital mixer the VIA Envy24 enables up to 20 channels of mixing power. Do you have the speakers connected to the correct socket in the soundcard? These are my speakers:

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The card is this one here.

Please me help me make my suround sound work – Support & Help Requests – Ubuntu MATE Community

Just checked and everything is plugged in firmly. I appreciate your patience troubleshooting this between my work hours and sleep.

Makes a huge difference in downloading of updates too! Thanks for all help provided. In Win7 everything works but the system is a dog with that much code running all the time and various configuration issues with Kodi the media center formerly known as XBMC are driving me up a wall.

Multimedia audio controller product: Yellow to yellow, black to black and green to green.

Also, please paste the following command in a terminal and paste the results here please, you will end up with hf like mine: No, leave it off!. Take a look here but envj24pt what you do!: I know that you know that but I have to ask! Also, do you have a double ended plug system on your speaker cables and are they sitting correctly at both ends? An y advice in narrowing this down would be appreciated! What devices are showing in the configuration window of Paman?: Can anyone please help me get the full 5.


The default sound menu milti lists the card as stereo duplex, despite being quite capable of surround sound in Windows 7.

The problem is none of them seem to have any sound output except through LFE woofer I think?

Not sure what you mean by through an external system. These are my speakers: Hi, somewhere there is a switch which is preventing it from working!. I am only changing what I am being told to do in this thread.

With 8 input and output channels for analog and digital connections, the VIA Envy24 can meet the most demanding playback and recording requirements. Release Notes Related Drivers 5. Found a bad link? In the past I ran my sound directly out the onboard sound card which being very basic only offered stereo sound.

VIA VT1720 Envy24PT sound drivers for Microsoft Windows XP 64bit (4 files)

You will find it once installed under. I do not have my software sources set to ‘main” as one of the first things I do after a fresh install is tell the system to search for the best mirror in my area. Also, please paste the following command in a terminal and paste the results here please, you will end up with something like mine:.


I went back and edited the first post to give output commands of various information about the hardware, in case it helps. I went ahead and made the changes to daemon. Nothing has changed in them since we began. Nothing seems to be muted that I can auxio in alsamixer when I switch over to the other outputs but I definitely lack audio.

I did install the codecs you mentioned. Help us by reporting it. This hht is aimed specifically for monitoring final outputs, and making master copies for budget conscious studios.

Sorry to say that apart from that, I am all out of ideas, I cannot tell you anything more as I only have a basic speaker setup and can only refer you to more pages:.