This process achieves outstanding detail with highly accurate color reproduction, suitable for the demands of the high-end production field – wide dynamic range, low color noise, natural color resolution and low aliasing. There are ways to fake the 24p film look with the GL2 but its a pain in the butt and still doesn’t quite look the same. I had an opportunity to use the XL1 indoors and the GL2 out performed it for low light picture quality. Most relevant reviews See all 64 reviews. The GL2 also offers both the standard 4: The rest of the improvements to the GL2 are solid, incremental changes over the excellent GL1.

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GOOD – There are some good things. Perhaps is not Full HD definition quality p but if you know how to work your camera and your editing, you get great professional broadcasting results. Shooting Modes and Aspect Ratios. All of its functions have been fully tested and work flawlessly. Standard Hl2 or High Definition. The screen folds neatly against the camera body when not in use. Built-in Optical Image Stabilizer. Canon GL2 Part Number: I did several conventions using this camera in stadium setting without any external mic and it was amazing to hear the sound quality.

Camcodrer 5 out of 5 by Gary from Canon GL-2 – Great Choice Professional videographer who needed a reliable main cwnon for various video projects wedding, family history, business and training videos.


We guarantee all of our used items to arrive in stated condition, and they also come with a standard 30 day OneQuality.

camdorder This is unobtainable with conventional optical glass. Those pictures are then transferred to computer via the GL2’s USB connection using software that comes with the camcorder.

Only redeeming qualities are that you can zoom in really far and it is light. An 8MB SD Card comes with the camcorder, storing up to 17 fine quality still pictures or 32 standard quality images. They are leading the digital camcorder industry with quality manufactured products like the GL2.

Canon GL2 Mini DV Camcorder Review

I found out the hard way. I love the ability to adapt many option when in manual or user preference mode. If you choose, you may first record the analog signal to DV tape, allowing you to create a high-quality master of your original. The audio portion of the digital video signal is recorded digitally.

Works excellent with routine repairs. A six-blade circular iris, as found on the top-of-the-line XL1 and XL1S models, is used for professional exposure control, helping to deliver stunning video and still photos.

Manual level controls let you adjust the sound coming in on those two open channels — to match the levels of the live sound, for example. The GL2 has many additional features camcorde ease of use and creative control. If you are considering a prosumer camera look no further.


Canon GL2 Specs – CNET

I don’t use the battery, so couldn’t rate battery life. Camera Specifications Print Standard. The camcorder’s 3 CCDs deliver outstanding picture quality, accurate color reproduction and a wide dynamic range gl22 virtually no color noise. Fortunately, you can disable the power-save mode on the camera, so that the camera will not shut off automatically during extensive pauses on a shoot, whether or not a tape is inserted.

How to Sync Dual System Sound. ccanon

It shoots in standard definition and most still prefer it over the cheap consumer HD cameras because of the outstanding picture quality it produces.

It csmcorder a low price for a camera that is basically a compact high-end camera. Product Highlights 20x Zoom Color Viewfinder 2. If found in good used conditions on eBay, then the price is just unbeatable.

The CB powers the camera or charges the battery by plugging into a car’s cigarette lighter socket.