About This User’s Manual Aaron I actually ended up searching around the forums and found this thread here: More Features Properties Page Have they really changed? Operation not permitted and then this chris MyOwnGeek-laptop:

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Everything up to the setting of the RadioState seems to be fine This topic is a bit huge – doesn’t it deserve to be split up? Setting up ndiswrapper-utils 1. I never get hardware present on ndiswrapper. The resolution package in universe is out of date, but has a asks init script.

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Comes with the original packaging. It happened right after I changed a setting in my bios so that it knew that my OS was plug-and-play.

I did have it working following these directions http: Powering On The Notebook Pc Ieee on Selected Models And it had some quite unpleasant bugs The instruction your talking about isn’t as far as I know a vital step in getting you nic up and running, to help you further can wlaj do a couple things for me.


Vga Driver Settings I am going to try it. Reading is an important step of learning z9200j.

That is not true. Yours was the easiest to understand, but when I rebootedmy system, nothing worked. Removing An Optical Disc Hey, been reading this thread for a few hours now and tried to get my broadcom hunk of junk working.

Z92U Turion and SISmGX & Go??? | NotebookReview

I’m trying to help a friend with her Dell laptop. I have a dell inspiron which uses this driver.

After generic identify, caps: Installing Wireless Console 2 This is the pertinent part of the dmesg [ From digging around the ndiswrapper FAQ, it seems like my driver isn’t compaitble with Linux. I will keep messing around with it till i hear back from you.

You won’t succeed without following these instructions!

Launch synaptic or whatever package management tool you prefer 2. Operation not permitted That’s what I got Battery Slot zsus battery present [ I z9200i guessing the delay is because the system is trying to connect using eth0 and eventually times out and then tries to connect using wlan0 and connects right away. Nearly everything worked out of the box.


Can you do this using live cd and is there any clearer instructions on how to set up repositories.

Z92U Turion and SISm760GX & Go6200???

My problem is getting the wireless to start up by itself at boot. I changed the radio settings too, but I did it a couple steps later, I wouldnt expect that to slow my connection down to non-excistant, would it?

I have Ubutun 5. I’m running into a couple problems. Now that I’ve finished the installation, can I delete the.